Perforated Windows/See Thru Decal

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  • We service the entire Tampa Bay Area with our Perforated Window See Thru Decals that are perforated adhesive material with a pattern of tiny holes cut through it. This material can be used on store windows, home windows and car windows. The amount of vinyl removed is 50%, that is 50% vinyl and 50% holes. Light-colored perforated vinyl signs are opaque when seen from outside a window because our eyes naturally focus on a bright, well-lit surface rather than on the holes and the relative darkness of whatever is behind the surface. Because of the perforations, objects behind the the See Thru Decal will be partially visible, as that is the nature of the product you ordered.
  • The inner side of perforated vinyl, however, is dark colored. Here the eye naturally focuses through the dark vinyl to the light and motion outside the window. People inside can see through the back of the sign to the outside.
  • Be advised, perforated vinyl signs are mostly opaque when seen from the outside during daylight, but transparent from the inside. However, these signs become transparent at night when viewed from the outside into a lighted space.

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